rwwengheaderProject Management

Here at RWW Engineering, we believe that to manage a project successfully, the emphasis has to be placed on satisfying the client’s requirements and on deploying our in-house resources in such a way as to achieve the highest possible levels of efficiency throughout the whole process, from engineering all the way through to commissioning. The projects we work on are invariably complex, and are very often critical to the success of the businesses involved.

When RWW Engineering wins a contract, a Project Manager is appointed. He or she is responsible for working with the client throughout the project on all technical and commercial matters.

The Project Management Team Leader is in charge of a dedicated team, and it is his or her responsibility to ensure that the team members’ experience and expertise are utilized as fully as possible throughout the project.

  1. Awarding of the project (Contractual Aspects)
  2. Project Planning (General Planning, Allocation of resources, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) definition and Detailed Planning)
  3. Engineering Development (Basic Engineering, Discussion with client to find the best solutions, Detailed Engineering, Procurement specifications and QA/QC Planning)
  4. Project Development (Procurement, Material Control, Assembly, Quality Control, Testing)
  5. Evaluation/Monitoring (Reporting, Corrective Actions, Quality Reports)
  6. Completion of the Project (Operator Training, Commissioning and start-up)