rwwengheaderEngineering & Technical Support

In addition to the engineering activities that are embedded in the electrical products and systems it sells, RWW Engineering also leverages its decades of experience to offer highest-quality stand-alone engineering and consultancy services for clients that require engineering support for their decision-making processes.

One of RWW Engineering’s main strengths as an engineering services provider is its total independence from manufacturers of electrical components. Another of RWW Engineering’s value-adds is its capacity to put together highly qualified technical teams in next-to-no-time. These teams can then take advantage of the company’s consolidated operational infrastructure. The result is a winning combination of experience and know-how that can be applied to resolve even the most complex, multi-disciplinary issues.

The main engineering packages that RWW Engineering offers its clients – regardless of any supply contracts that may be in place – include:

  • Focus on – and invest in – all R&D activities that are geared towards delivering the most innovative solutions.
  • Technical/economic feasibility studies on MV/LV electrical systems, with optimization of the client’s functional requirements.
  • Technical/economic optimization of MV/LV distribution networks.
  • Stability analysis of electrical networks.
  • Calculation of short-circuit currents on generation and distribution networks under static and dynamic conditions.
  • Analysis and dimensioning of electrical generation, emergency and safety systems (UPS).
  • Customization of MV/LV electrical switchboards.
  • Analysis and optimization of scheduled maintenance services.
  • Analysis and organization of remote maintenance support services.
  • Consultancy on the evaluation of customized solutions to meet specific sets of requirements.
  • Design and dimensioning of packaged sub-stations for onshore and offshore use, including:
  1. Engineering and Procurement services (EP)
  2. Tender preparation
  3. Structural analysis, static, lifting, transportation
  4. Interconnecting diagram, list and layouts.

The services listed above are delivered by specifically selected project teams, led by a team leader who is charged with the responsibility of managing the relationship with the client. The team members can make use of the experience that RWW Engineering has built up as a supplier and an EPC contractor on innumerable projects worldwide.

The client is kept constantly informed as to the progress of work.