Engineering & Technical Support

In addition to the engineering activities that are embedded in the electrical products and systems it sells, RWW Engineering also leverages its decades of experience to offer highest-quality stand-alone engineering and consultancy services for clients that require engineering support for their decision-making processes.

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Existing System Upgrade

RWW Engineering provides upgrading services with up-to-date components and/or systems to maximize system availability as well as efficiency. After detailed feasibility studies, and with close cooperation from our customers, our highly experienced professionals aim to deliver the optimum solution.

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Installation, Commissioning & Supervision

The high-quality management approach to the project, allows RWW Engineering – even several years later – to provide rapid, post-sales support. The efficient organisation of the order documentation enables the immediate traceability of each component within the products supplied, permitting replacement or integration on very short timescales.

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Long-term Maintenance & Servicing

Periodic maintenance should be planned and conducted for prolonged life and safe operation of electrical equipment and systems. By conducting Long Term Maintenance (LTM), any failure can be prevented before it occurs. This eliminates high costs of equipment change and power outage.

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Power Quality Analysis

Power quality can be defined as the interaction of electrical power with electrical equipment. If all the equipment operate correctly and reliably without being damaged or stressed, the electrical power is of good quality.

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Training & Consulting

We offer our customers and partners worldwide training sessions and programs. We strongly believe in the value of training the operators that use our products and systems. Training of personnel is crucial for reliable and safe operation of electrical equipment and systems. Both technical and practical trainings can be planned and conducted by RWW Engineering.

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Project Management

Here at RWW Engineering, we believe that to manage a project successfully, the emphasis has to be placed on satisfying the client’s requirements and on deploying our in-house resources in such a way as to achieve the highest possible levels of efficiency throughout the whole process, from engineering all the way through to commissioning. The projects we work on are invariably complex, and are very often critical to the success of the businesses involved.

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RWW Containerised Substation

Tailor-made Solutions

With the help of advanced measurement, analysis and simulations tools, our experienced technical team provides tailor made solutions to our customers’ specific needs in the fields of power quality, reactive power compensation and harmonic filtering, special power electronics devices based on rectifiers/inverters or converters, analog/digital control systems, remote monitoring, HMI systems, etc.

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