rwwengheaderReactive Power Compensation

RWW Engineering has designed, manufactured, supplied and installed in excess of 1000MVAr of MV and 750MVAr of LV capacitors, automatic PFC systems and Harmonic filter systems since 1986. We are confident that we have the experience and technical expertise to undertake any project.

  • Complete design and supply of harmonic filters suitable for your application
  • Complete design and supply of all types of capacitor banks including shunt, pole mount, trailer mount, metal enclosed and series banks
  • MV and LV automatically switched multi-step power factor correction and harmonic filters, using type tested equipment and years of technical expertise
  • Individual motor unit capacitors for large and medium motors
  • All forms of air and iron core reactors, including filter, fault limiting and detuning reactors
  • Type tested switchgear with integrated control and customer specific protection systems
  • Remote system monitoring and automated fault SMS schemes
  • Computerized remote metering schemes, billing audits and tariff impact studies using software developed in conjunction with our automation partners
  • Load and harmonic, and quality of supply studies of all types
  • Design and supply of active filters
  • All types of PLC automated control
  • System design and modeling using latest software
Power Factor Correction