OSM15, OSM27 and OSM38 automatic circuit reclosers are designed for use on overhead distribution lines as well as distribution substation applications for all voltage classes up to 15kV, 27kV and 38kV respectively.

The OSM tanks are manufactured from stainless steel and powder coated a light grey colour.

The product is supplied complete with an RC control and communications cubicle. The RC control cubicle provides all the protection, data logging and communications functions in a single device. The OSM has been designed for use as a standalone device that is easily integrated into distribution automation and remote control schemes using the in-built communications capability.

The product has been extensively type tested by independent laboratories to ensure long life and reliability under the harshest environmental conditions. The OSM automatic circuit recloser is the only solid di-electric insulated recloser to provide controlled arc fault venting and the independent testing provides verification of this important safety feature.

The product uses technology developed and refined over the last decade.

NOJA Power Automatic Circuit Reclosers

OSM15-16-800-310 OSM27-12-800-310 OSM38-12-800-300
Current Sensing 3 x Current Transformers (1) 3 x Current Transformers (1) 3 x Current Transformers (2)
Voltage Sensing 6 x Voltage Screens (1) 6 x Voltage Screens (1) 6 x Voltage Screens (2)
Control Type RC10 RC10 RC10
Rated Maximum Voltage 15.5kV 27kV 38kV
Rated Continuous Current  800A  800A  800A
Fault Make Capacity RMS 16kA 12.5kA 12.5kA
Fault Make Capacity Peak  40kA  31.5kA 31.5kA
Fault Break Capacity  16kA  12.5kA 12.5kA
Mechanical / Full Load Operations  30,000  30,000  30,000
Fault Break Capacity Operations  30  70  70
Short Time Current Withstand  16kA/3 secs  12.5kA/3 secs  12.5kA/3 secs
Mainly Active Breaking Capacity  800A  800A  800A
Cable Charging Current  25A  25A  40A
Line Charging Current  10A  5A  5A
Impulse Withstand Phase to Earth & Phase to Phase  110kV  150kV  195kV
Impulse Across the Interrupter  110kV  150kV  170kV
Power Frequency Withstand Phase to Earth (Dry)  50kV  60kV  70kV
Power Frequency Across the Interrupter  50kV  60kV  70kV
Ambient Temperature  -40°C to +55°C  -40°C to +55°C  -40°C to +55°C
Humidity  0 – 100%  0 – 100%  0 – 100%
Altitude (3)  3000M  3000M  3000M
Weight of the Tank (Three Phase)  100kg  109kg  140kg
  1. OSM15-16-800-312, OSM27-12-800-312 ( Two Phase Autorecloser) 2 x Current Transformers, 4 x Voltage Screens
  2. OSM38-12-800-301 (Single Phase Autorecloser) 1 x Current Transformers, 2x Voltage Screens
  3. Altitudes above 1000m should be corrected in accordance with ANSI C37.60-2012