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NEX is the very latest generation of indoor metal-enclosed switchgear designed for MV substations. The latest Merlin Gerin Evolis withdrawable vacuum circuit breakers are used providing safe and reliable operation, simple installation and ease of operation and maintenance.

The NEX range has been fully developed overseas and is manufactured under license from Schneider Electric by RWW Engineering (PTY) LTD in South Africa. This combines the technological excellence of Merlin Gerin and the manufacturing expertise and backup of a local partner in order to meet the local standards and requirements.

The main aim is to offer a comprehensive range of quality products with a high degree of technology which due to standardisation can be offered in a short delivery period.

Comprehensive Range

The range currently offered in single busbar format is as follows:
Rated voltage (kV) 12 17,5 24
Insulation level 50 Hz/ 1 mn (kV rms) 28 38 50
1.2/ 50 µs (kV peak) 75 95 125
Ith max (kA/3s) 25/31,5 25/31,5 25
In max (A) 2500 2500 2000
Internal arc withstand
IAC-AFLR (kA/s) 25/0,5 25/,05 25/1
Protection index

The equipment has been fully tested to the following IEC standards:

  • IEC 60694 – Common specifications for HV switchgear.
  • IEC 60056 – HV AC circuit breakers.
  • IEC 60298 – AC metal enclosed switchgear 1kV – 52kV.

The full manufacturing process is strictly governed by the procedures laid out by Merlin Gerin, thus ensuring high quality workmanship, manufacturing consistency and reliability.

  • Schneider
    • ISO 9001, ISO 9002, – Quality system certification.
    • ISO 14001 – Environmental standard certification.
  • RWW
    • ISO 9001, ISO 9002, – Quality system certification.

By utilizing standard equipment and components as far as possible the delivery times can be reduced and the integrity of the whole system is maintained. This also offers a high level of technology incorporating features such as remote monitoring and control, setting of overloads and metering via network.

  • Steelwork –  2.5mm Galvanised sheet steel with epoxy powder coated doors and covers.
  • Switching device –  Merlin Gerin Evolis vacuum circuit breaker.
  • Overload relays –  Merlin Gerin Sepam, other makes optional.
  • Earth Switch (Optional) –  Merlin Gerin on cable side, full interlocking.
  • Current Transformers –  Merlin Gerin low power current sensors for use with Sepam, optional 1/5A CT’s
  • Voltage Transformers (Optional) Busbar or cable connected.
  • Surge Arrestors (Optional) –  Merlin Gerin on outgoing cable.
  • Cable Live Indication (Optional) –  Merlin Gerin capacitive bushings.

There are of course many options not listed above, please contact us for your specific requirements.

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