rwwengheaderMotor Starting Equipment

RWW Engineering has designed, manufactured, supplied and installed in excess of 2000 motor starters since 1986. We are confident that we have the experience and technical expertise to undertake any project. We specialize in the following:

Liquid Resistance Starters

  • RWW Engineering has had the license to manufacture the AOIP (France) range of products since 1986.
  • These include “Vapormatic” fixed electrode starters and “EPM” moving electrode starters. Slip ring motors provide high starting torque whilst avoiding high starting current peaks. By using the liquid resistance starters, the starting torque and current can be effectively limited to suitable values.
  • Vapormatic starters are used on motor up to 1200 kW depending on the type of driven machine. In all other application, the EPM type is used.
  • EPM is available in two size turn down ratios ie. 40:1 and 80:1. The type selected depends on the application.
  • The 80:1 “high turn down ratio” EPM moving electrode starter has proved very effective in reducing damaging start torque spikes on large mill drives.

Other Types of Starters

RWW supplies the following medium voltage (up to 11 kV) types of starters for cage motors:

  1. Direct on line starters.
  2. Reactor starters- both oil and air cooled fitted with bypass reactors and controls.
  3. Auto transformer starters- switching panels and transformers.
  4. Mine winder stator reverser panels.
  5. Synchronous motor starters.