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With over 40 years’ experience, Ingeteam’s drives cover a wide range of applications in sectors such as Marine, Metals, Mining, Oil & Gas, Water & Waste Water, Power Generation, and Test Benches. Ingeteam designs and manufactures MV and LV variable speed drive solutions for the most demanding applications in terms of control requirements and environmental conditions. With the latest design in power electronics and control, Ingeteam offers an extensive portfolio of drives.

INGEDRIVE™ is a family of low- and medium-voltage modular AC drives designed for demanding single-motor or multi-motor applications handling and controlling synchronous, induction, and permanent magnet motors. These drives are suitable for four-quadrant operation, driving and braking in both rotational directions.

INGEDRIVE™ is designed to be a highly-efficient drive which significantly reduces energy consumption. Its modular design enables it to cover a wide range of powers and voltages while its intuitive structure makes it easy to use and maintain.

Years of experience have made it possible to incorporate two-, three- and five-level advanced vector control into low- and medium-voltage rectifiers and inverters, always using latest generation semiconductors. The powerful CCU (Converter Control Unit) communicates with power stacks via optic fibre. The result is a compact, flexible, safe, and user-friendly solution.

INGEDRIVE™ is available with power ratings up to 36 MVA, from 400V to 690V in low voltage and 3.3 kV to 6.9 kV in medium voltage, offering great performance, robustness, reliability, and long life expectancy.