rwwengheaderContainerised Substations and Invertor Enclosures

Today’s global power suppliers are under increasing pressure to reduce operational costs and pass on savings to end customers.

An area where primary cost savings can be made is the construction of new substations – why build an expensive substation from bricks and mortar when there are more cost-effective alternatives on the market?

Customers requiring shorter overall delivery times and minimal on-site work have been the main drivers for RWW development of containerised outdoor substations. Smaller distribution substations are subdivided into container-sized modules, which can be manufactured, assembled and tested at the factory, allowing easy transport and fast installation and commissioning at site.

The pre-fabricated building, shelters the equipment from environmental influences, thus increasing substation availability and reliability. Fences can be omitted, which simplifies permitting while enhancing the substation’s aesthetic appearance.

The customized and compact solutions have a small footprint, and include ready-to-connect primary and secondary cabling with plug-type contacts. Applications range from small distribution systems to integration of renewable generation. Fast erection and dismantling also makes them easy to relocate and well-suited for usage as auxiliary substations during repair or maintenance of existing primary substations.


Purpose made substations, housing erected, tested and commissioned indoor distribution switchgear in one complete package.

  • Compact size
  • Cost savings over conventionally built substations
  • Time advantages – substations arrive at site with pre-installed and fully tested switchgear for immediate cable connection
  • Custom designed and manufactured in house to meet statutory and customer’s requirements

RWW’s containerised substations are designed, manufactured, fully assembled, wired and operationally tested in our workshops, therefore site works are minimised along with delays due to inclement weather.

The containerised substations are compact and consist of power factor correction equipment, ring main units, switchboards and dry type transformers encased in robust enclosures.

Renewable energy plants require many outdoor inverter enclosures housing the DC incomer, AC Inverter, power transformer and protection. RWW completes all design, manufacturing and assembly of these units in South Africa using locally sourced components and labour for the maximum local content advantage.