RWWValues Learn from others

Continuous Improvement

RWW Engineering works hard to establish and consolidate successful partnerships with clients, suppliers, agents and stakeholders. We value the reliability of these partnerships, since they allow us not only to enhance performance but also to create value-added synergies. We are fully dedicated to delivering on the commitments we make.


Commitment to Quality

One of the key elements leading to RWW Engineering’s success over the past thirty years has been the company’s never-wavering focus on quality. With this emphasis on quality, it thus comes as no surprise that RWW Engineering operates under the ISO 9001 Quality Management System. RWW Engineering ensures that the quality requirements of a product are always achieved and that quality is never compromised. RWW Engineering ensures that all products are manufactured from certified graded materials only and that all manufacturing systems are geared towards providing a quality end product.

RWWValues Energy efficiency

Care for the future

We ensure that the environmental impact is minimized, and we constantly work to reduce the amount of waste produced. We are committed to achieving optimum energy efficiency at all times.

RWWValues Customer is King

The Customer is King

Our clients provide us with the impetus that drives us towards innovation and high performance. RWW Engineering’s approach is based on working in close collaboration with our clients to come up with the best possible technical solutions to their requirements.

RWWValues Value people

People as a Value

Our people collectively form the core of the company thus enabling RWW Engineering to strive towards an outstanding performance.

RWW values training

Go the extra mile

RWW Engineering aims to stay abreast of technological development through continuous improvement, training and remaining committed to the cornerstones of ‘Total Customer Satisfaction’ in everything we do. Our employees are encouraged to think “out of the box”, to provide their own creative input, and to add value to every stage of the project or process.